We've only been at this for a few years, but here are some of the kind words that some of our customers have had:

Sue and Kathy of Innovative Creations and Quilting & Custom Embroidery are the best in the embroidery and quilting business. They produce high quality merchandise and customize products to meet the needs of every client. I have first hand knowledge of both services offered and I have always been extremely satisfied. I appreciate that they can produce any size order even just a few pieces. If you are in need of a friendly, high quality, professional company that strives to please the client, then look no further. You've found that in Innovative Creations and Quilting & Custom Embroidery.
- Trisha Quint
Innovative Creations took it upon themselves to listen to what I wanted accomplished on the embroidery of our patches and created a patch from scratch. If 10 being the best possible service recieved Kathy and Sue deserve a 12. The patches they created brought tears to my brothers and his then fiance's usually stoic faces. The attention to detail, creativity and fast response and of course reasonable price hit all my metrics. For any embroidery, patch creation or out of the box personal idea I recommend Innovative Creations as your first choice. I could tell when I met Kathy and Sue they took a personal interest in my request. And yes this is not one of their family members. Ladies job well done!
- Karl Keller
This quilt is the most unimaginable, beautiful piece of art I have ever seen in my life. It is so beyond my belief that it would turn out so wonderful. I am so overjoyed, overwhelmed with greatness. Your thoughtfulness is ....I canNOT even think of words to explain how I feel about all your hard work that went into this precious memory I have of my son. Pictures show the quilt, but to see it and touch it in person is indescribable….All of my precious memories will now be wrapped around me forever. Thank you so much. Love, Trent's Mom
- Donna Childers
We are the Luthye family and we are so excited to tell you what a wonderful company Innovative Creations is! My daughter had over 30 t-shirts from her college years and really didn't know what to do with all of them, and wasn't well to just get rid of them. We set up a meeting with Innovative Creations and showed that what we had. They were so informative with ideas and very open to our ideas also. After a very short time (within a week) they e-mailed pictures of a tentative lay out of the quilt. We were very impressed with the detail of just a picture. They made an exquisite queen size quilt using the front & backs of all of the t-shirt we gave them. My daughter also played softball in college so on a few just blank squares they stitched in a home plate & bats! AMAZING! My daughter takes it to many different places with her and shows it off with great Pride!

  Innovative Creations also took a brides maid dress that our daughter wore for a wedding and made a baby quilt out of the brides maid dress. The mom was brought to tears with great joy to see that the dress had been quilted into the blanket. The dress was from what started the union of a marriage and now they have a beautiful baby girl from that union. The work these women do is more than amazing it is truly incredible.

  We are now bringing some quilt squares that my grandmother made in the 1930s. I know that this quilt with be perfectly done. With care and understand of how much the squares mean to our family!
- The Luthye Family
Krys, Ashley & Mandy
I got my quilt as a surprise from my wife and my mother-in-law. I had a ton of old concert and band t-shirts that were threadbare and heavily worn. I had talked about making something out of them for a while and even started to cut and sew some together myself. About 20 minutes into the sewing, I realized that I had no idea what I was doing and remembered that I had received a D- in Home Economics class. I had pretty much ruined most of the shirts and did not realize how thin the material was and how difficult it would be to sew.  I folded my "project" up, placed it in a bag and put it in the back of my closet to "work on later".

About a year later I got a package from my mother-in-law and much to my surprise it was a finished quilt made from the shirts that I had already ruined. Innovative Creations had taken my mess apart and backed the shirts with a heavy fabric, designed the quilt, re-cut the fabric and quilted it all together with a Celtic knot-work pattern. I was amazed to see my old shirts given a new life in this quilt. It is something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life and reminds me of my younger years every time I look at it. They did an excellent job giving my old concert shirts a second life. I will trust them with any project that I have in the future, as I know they are true masters of their craft. 
- Eric Carley
Kissee Mills, Mo.
INNOVATIVE CREATIONS DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This letter is written with much gratitude as I express my deepest appreciation for the Art, Heart & Talent that Innovative Creations has given to me in the most breath‐taking beautiful quilts I have ever seen and touched.   For years I have saved pieces of baby clothes and family artifacts that have been passed down over generations.  They went into a bin and have been moved across the country and back, sheds to storages, garages to back yards, to my living room floor with soft music playing while reminiscing of the people who touched those pieces once, who held me when I was a baby.  These pieces have been gathering and the time has come for me to have a grandchild of my own….The LORD above has sent his love to me in a little boy, who I wait expectantly for.  

I sent these pieces to Sue and Kathy at Innovative Creations just weeks before he arrived and today the Quilt arrived.  I opened the box carefully like it was Christmas and behold the masterpiece~!  

Sue & Kathy took these pieces and they built a story in this quilt, my family tree…Five generations of this story are woven with love and care.  Each stitch, each hour they worked on this and every detail brings absolute tears to my eyes.  I did not know how to place the quilt, I did not tell them how…They just knew how to present it best and they even made THE CUTEST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD teddy bear from all the scrap pieces so that nothing was lost…..!!!   Their design for this quilt exceeded my expectations in my own heart.  This is a gift that I can’t ever replace, this is a gift that Innovative Creations designed for our family.  Words cannot even describe the beauty of this quilt or the heartfelt gratitude I feel for the blessed hands that made this.   They even anticipated thought with additions to this quilt that we wanted to make, but we did not gather pieces in time.   The thought, heart and love that comes through every stitch is absolutely stunning and I would not only recommend them, I would say RUN, RUN with your projects and experience the blessing for yourself! This was the BEST discovery that was made through the referral from my dearest friends, Jules & Min, and forever in my gratitude for giving me something that money truly cannot buy, handcrafted with such care, from amazing women who have a GIFT beyond TELLING!!!!!!!

    This is my second quilt, the first of which was concert t-shirts from over the last 25 years made into a quilt and the absolute end result is more stunning than words can describe and perfectly beyond my imagination when I sent the shirts by themselves.  I won’t bore you with all my concert stories that went into this, but…..they listened to them and tailored this quilt so perfectly, it’s like they knew what was in my heart…..Sue and Kathy just KNOW how to make quilts with heart and soul! Tears flowed freely at both unveilings!  They will be family heirlooms and I am excited to make three more concerts quilts and a baby generation quilt for each grandchild.  I can only hope that Sue and Kathy won’t ever stop doing this :-).  

- With LOVE, always,
Nicole Escobedo
San Jose, California