Quilts are no longer just a bed covering like the ones your grandmother had on the beds.

Quilts have progressed with the times and are now used for home decor, nurseries, lap quilts, couch throws or the more traditional bedspread.

Traditional Quilts - Traditional quilts are similar to those you picture using as a bed spread or comforter. They are designed using traditional block patterns that have evolved through the years. The colors can be created to make these treasures fit your personality.

Baby Quilts - Baby quilts can be used as crib decor, nursery decoration or sized to be used with a car seat, stroller or swing. These quilts can be customized to fit a color scheme or nursery theme.

Memory Quilts - Memory quilts are designed using items that bring back memories from a loved one who has passed or moved away. These items can be clothing items, handkerchiefs, outerwear, ties or just about any fabric items that has special meaning. Memory quilts can range from a small wall hanging to a full sized bed quilt.

T-Shirt Quilts - T-shirts quilts are made from that drawer full of favorite t-shirts that you can't stand to part with. The shirts are designed into the quilt that will keep your special memories safe and can be displayed in a usable form. T-shirt quilts can be made from your child's uniform shirts from their years in sports or activities.

Quilting Services

We offer quilting services for pre-made quilt tops. With the use of a programmable long-arm quilting machine, your quilt can be stitched with custom designs that compliment the pattern or personality of you or the quilt. Due to the specific nature of quilting projects, it's necessary that you contact us before we can give you pricing information.